Frozen Spring Rolls in Air Fryer

CALORIES170 kcal


  • 1 package frozen spring rolls
  • cooking oil spray (non-aerosol)
  • dipping sauce of choice (optional)


    • Preheat the air fryer to 400°F (200°C) for 5 minutes.
    • Carefully place the frozen spring rolls on a hot air fryer tray or in the air fryer basket. Cook them in one layer, this gives them space to crisp on all sides and cook through. I was able to fit the entire box of spring rolls on my air fryer tray.

        • Mist the spring rolls with cooking spray. If you have an air fryer oven, place the tray in the top rack position (closest to the heating element).
      • Air fry frozen spring rolls for a total of 7-8 minutes in an air fryer preheated to 400°F (200°C). Flip the spring rolls halfway through cooking time, misting them with more oil if they look dry.
      • After cooking, you can check to ensure they reached a minimum safe temp of 165°F (74°C) with a meat thermometer. Add additional cooking time if needed. Serve with dipping sauce of choice.
      • To make spring rolls:

        1. Have all of your ingredients prepped and ready before you begin assembling the spring rolls. Cook the vermicelli according to the package directions. You should also cook the shrimp, cut the carrots and cucumber, and wash and dry the herbs. Fill a bowl with warm water, but don’t soak the rice paper yet.
        2. Find a non-stick surface to assemble your spring rolls. I highly recommend using a sushi mat.
        3. Soak your first rice paper in the bowl of water for the length of time specified on the package. Mine needed to soak for five seconds. Only soak one piece of rice paper at a time, right before you plan to fill it.
          1. Lay the rice paper out on the sushi mat and layer the ingredients in this order: 3-4 shrimp, 1/7 of the vermicelli, 1/7 of the carrots and cucumbers, and 3-4 leaves each of the basil and mint.
          2. Fold the top and bottom of the rice paper inward to cover some of the filling. Now tightly fold the right side of the wrap over the filling. Finally, tuck any loose filling firmly into the wrapper and fold the final side over. (Watch the video below to see how the spring rolls are filled and wrapped closed.)
          3. Repeat for the remaining six spring rolls. If your rice paper tears too easily, try soaking the rice paper for less time. It should be flexible but still have some firmness to it. Use a double layer of rice paper if you’ve accidentally soaked it for too long and it has become fragile.
          4. Serve the spring rolls with the peanut sauce. Enjoy!

          These are similar to a popular appetizer from the Cheesecake Factory. If you’re looking to lower the calories/carbs, substitute the rice vermicelli for shirataki noodles. Marinated tofu would be a nice alternative to the shrimp if you want a vegetarian variation.

          Nutrition information is for four Spring Valley Veggie Rolls (cocktail size) without dip. Nutrition info will vary depending on the brand of spring rolls or egg rolls, the flavor, and your portion size.


          Calories: 170kcalCarbohydrates: 25gProtein: 4gFat: 6gSaturated Fat: 1gSodium: 500mgPotassium: 160mgFiber: 2gAdded Sugar: 1gCalcium: 2%  

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